Airsys Minicool


MINICOOL is specially designed for small-sized communication machine room, mobile communication shelter, electrical equipment room, precise instrument room, precise processing & manufacturing center, etc. that have strict demands of temperature, humidity and cleanliness and may provide 24×7 all-weather environmental control for these sites.

MINICOOL have past labs acceptance check for precision computer rooms, meet the requirements in aspects of high efficiency, stability, safety, centralized control, etc., and may provide values exceeding expectations for the user.
The unit can be classified into split temperature control units, including indoor and outdoor units. All parts of these products are assembled within the factory; all the tests have been completed; and the default parameters are set.

» Capacity


» Applications     

  • Small telecom station
  • Mobile telecom-equipment room
  • Electronic equipment room
  • Precision equipment station
  • Precision processing and manufacturing center

» Features

  • High sensible heat ratio
  • Various installation types(wall mounting and vertical)
  • Wide working range(-30°C~45°C)
  • The unit can be fully maintained from the front;
  • Strong structure
    The structure is strong enough to be able to transport on low grade ways;
  • Anti-corrosion treatment
    The frames and panels of the unit are made from galvanized steel plate and coated with anti-corrosion protection coating that is anti-corrosion;
  • High reliability
    Designed for 24×7 all-weather environmental control, past labs acceptance check for precision computer rooms, reliable and safe;
  • Central control

(1)Return air dry bulb temperature 24℃, RH50%, Outdoor dry bulb temperature35℃.