Airsys Mobilecool-Outdoor


Temperature Control Unit​ for Telecommunication Base Station

MOBILECOOL-OUTDOOR is a package type telecommunication base station special air conditioner that meets requirements in aspects of high efficiency & energy saving, various power supplies, environment friendly refrigerants, various installation conditions, extensive working scope and product safety, etc. By integrating numerous advantages and latest technologies of current telecom air conditioners, the unit may provide the values exceeding expectations for the user.

The product is integrated outdoor installed, including compression cooling system, fresh air free cooling system and control system. All parts are assembled as a whole and filled with refrigerant and refrigerator oil within the factory; all the tests have been completed; and the default parameters are set as well. Generally, the air conditioners may be operated upon power on after the on-site installation.

» Capacity


» Applications     

  • Various telecommunication base stations
  • Advanced technology electronic devices switching room
  • Power distribution station
  • Industrial process control center

» Features

  • Energy-saving operating
    Built-in free cooling system, operating when the outdoor temperature is lower than the room temperature. Reducing the cooling of compressor, the unit can greatly reduce the energy consumption. When the indoor and outdoor temperature difference reaches 10°C, the free cooling may provide the cooling capacity equal to or even greater than such capacity provided by the mechanical cooling. The maximum energy saving quantity per year can reach 90%.
  • Lower & front air supply mode
    With the lower & front air supply mode, the cooling capacity provided by the air conditioner may cool the equipment within the shelter more effectively, reducing the operation time of unit and its cooling energy consumption.
  • Easy maintenance
    The main components can be accessed and maintained in front of the unit, The panel is light, weight of each panel less than 10kg.
  • Strong structure
    The structure is strong enough to be able to transport on low grade ways.
  • Dual cooling source
    Equipped with both mechanical cooling system and free cooling system as standard. The fresh air free cooling is designed to be the primary source of cooling.
    The frames and panels of the unit are made from galvanized steel plate and coated with anti-corrosion protection coating.

High sensible heat ratio:above 0.9.

Wide working range(-30°C~53°C)

  • Working mode auto-alternated
    The unit automatically selects mechanic cooling or free cooling according to the indoor and outdoor temperature. When power outage or mechanical cooling failure appears, the unit will be alternated to free cooling mode.
  • Balance all units working time automatically
  • Comfort mode
    Service engineer can choose the HVAC work with comfort mode (22℃,adjustable) by pressing 2 buttons on the user terminals.
    Half an hour later, the unit will recover to work at normal temperature.

    Except for a large number of necessary alarms, fire/smoke alarm, power inverter box power failure alarm, prime power outage alarm are also be provided;
  • Humidity control
  • Random restart when power recovered, step-test
  • Running data logging
  • Data output
    Standard RS485 communication card enable automatic download of logs. The format of the data should be CSV or Excel file.

» Options

  • Electric heating elements
  • Power inverter
    Without DC power, a power inverter is needed to change 380VAC to 48VDC for EC fan.
  • Filter clogged alarm
  • Anti-corrosion condenser
  • Cabinet for sea air environment
    Include frame made of stainless steel and panels made of aluminum alloy.
  • Remote communication card
    RS485 or RS232 communication card with MODBUS communication protocol;
    Network server: remote monitor and control after equipped with IP address.
  • Communication protocol conversion card
    Change the communication protocol from MODBUS to TCP/IP.
  • Clock card
    Provide calendar function, convenient for operation and management.
  • Wall mounting kits
    The unit is designed to be installed hanging on the shelter wall and is enclosed with related mounting accessories such as: angle brackets, through wall bolts, sealing tape and grill etc.
  • Supply air temperature sensor
    Assemble the sensor in the mixture air box, used for proving control signal for controller and controlling the position of air damper.
  • Various power sources
    As customer requirement, the below power sources are available.
    230VAC/3Ph/60Hz(available for 7E1C2, 10E1C2,13E1C3);
    380VAC/3Ph/60Hz(available for 13E1C3).

(1) Return air dry bulb temperature 27℃, RH50%,Outdoor dry bulb temperature 35℃;
(2) Indoor temperature and outdoor temperature difference (ΔT) is 10℃.