Modular Lithium-Ion

Centiel’s Modular Decentralized Lithium-Ion Batteries technology was designed to bring the highest availability solution in power protection.

In combination with CumulusPowerTM (the Distributed Active-redundant Modular UPS technology), Centiel provides the complete system solution to meet the growing demand of protection for power critical applications.




Higher Availability

With its decentralized architecture, hot-swappable battery modules, lightweight and compact size, Centiel’s modular Lithium-ion Batteries technology achieves the highest levels of Availability demanded by the most critical power protection applications.

  • Benefits of Lithium-ion
  • Higher power density: 3x higher than VRLA
  • Longer lifetime: 2 to 3x of VRLA
  • Battery Management System: 24/7 monitoring of state of health and charge
  • Minimized weight: 3x lower than VRLA
  • Reduced Cooling costs: Higher temperatures without reducing lifetime
  • Faster re-charge time
  • More discharge cycles


With an independent battery per each UPS module Centiel Lithium-Ion modular technology eliminates the single point of failure that a centralized battery represents.